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5505 4A Street S.W., Calgary AB T2V 0Z7 | Homeschooling Grades 1-12
t | 403-777-8490 ext. 2323

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Listen to Superintendent Cathy Faber talk to CBC Radio about CBE Homeschooling!

Windsor Park School (5505 – 4A St. S.W.) has expanded to provide families with full access to the school for all of their home education supports and programs. With the expansion of this school facility there will be even more opportunities to work with parents and students both in parent-directed and blended program options.

Any family who is a resident of Alberta may register with the CBE Homeschooling Program. This program is designed for families who wish to be responsible for offering a program of studies for their child by developing, administering, managing and evaluating the progress of their student, and maintaining a record of those studies.

The Calgary Board of Education is committed to providing and supporting flexible, personalized learning experiences for all children and families. We are pleased to be expanding our service and facilities to the Calgary community. We are proud of our Homeschooling program and appreciate working with families who have chosen to build options and opportunities for learning success within the CBE.

Children are welcome to attend all of our CBE Homeschooling events. You are not required to register for information events.




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Field Trips will take palce on Thursdays.