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reimbursement guidelines

Each Home Education family is entitled to funding based on the program they have chosen. Below are the Guidelines and Policies that are currently in place:

  • CBE Homeschool Guiding Principles
  • reimbursement claims
  • Alberta regulation

Homeschool Guiding Principles

Funding is available only for registered Homeschooling students. This funding is primarily for consumable materials: instructional materials and consumables must be reasonable. All equipment purchases will need to be approved by the facilitator and Section 7.6 may apply.

CBE Homeschooling 2016-2017

Blended Program/Types of Blends



Parent / WP (2 courses) / Online (2 courses)



Parent / WP (2 course) /Online (1 course)



Parent / Online (3 courses)



Parent / Online (2 courses)



Parent / WP (2 courses)



Parent / Online (1 course)



Parent Directed Program



Percentage of blend is represented by the parent portion first and the teacher directed portion second.

Reimbursement Claims

Reimbursement Claim Forms can be submitted from November 1 – April 5 of the current school year.

  • A reimbursement form will need to be filled out and submitted to your facilitator for each child.
  • Please ensure that the form is filled out correctly and completely as it will affect the time of return (2-4 weeks).
  • All instructions are included on the form; it may be submitted between November 1st and April 5th of the current school year.
  • Receipts that support the Learning Plan from the registration date until April 5th may be submitted.
  • Original receipts must be submitted with the exception of those needed for warranty purposes (enclose a copy).
  • Loose receipts that are smaller than letter size paper must be attached to letter size paper (8 ˝ x 11, single-sided) with all information clearly visible. 
  • Claims must total $50 or more to be processed. It is preferable that one or two lump sums are submitted, first and/or second half of the school year.

Funding Allotment for 2016-2017

Parent Directed/Traditional $836.00
Blended Program 80/20 $836.00
Blended Program 50/50 $418.00
Blended Program 35/65  $293.00
Blended Program 20/80  168.00

Funding is available after November 1st. If registration is after September 30th, funding is not available.

Funding may be used for resources that support your child’s current educational homeschooling Learning Plan and fall within the CBE’s regulations.

Instructional Materials & Educational Supports

The following list allows for flexibility in meeting the needs of your Learning Plan.  Listed are examples of instructional materials and educational supports.

  • Consumables (paper, pencils, art supplies, general workbooks, ink cartridge, etc)
  • Curriculum based workbooks
  • Reading books (Scholastic, Usborne etc.)
  • Online curriculum programs/memberships
  • Learning programs on CD
  • Textbooks
  • Learning aids (please provide an explanation of how the equipment supports the Learning Plan)
  • Computer Equipment (laptops, iPads, printer, etc.)
  • Tutoring
  • Lessons (music, art, theater, drama, performing arts, etc)
  • Lessons (physical education, swimming, martial arts, etc.)
  • Workshops (science, writers, etc.)
  • Admissions and tickets (student only)
  • Family passes (festivals, etc.) - only student portion
  • Memberships - student only (Science Center, Zoo, Heritage Park, etc.)
  • Internet services (50% of monthly fee from September to end of March)
  • Home Economic edibles (up to $50 limit)

The following list of resources that will not reimbursed through funding.

  • Edible Items
  • Furniture
  • Musical instrument/rental
  • Physical activity equipment/rental
  • Processing or delivery fees
  • Warranties
  • Clothing
  • Competitions (swim meets, etc.)
  • CBE fees and registrations
  • Fees or registrations for any school authority

Alberta Regulation

Alberta Regulation 145/2006 School Act HOME EDUCATION REGULATION

Funding 7.4
(4) A parent who receives funding under subsection (2)

(a) must

(i) use the funding only to defray the costs incurred by the parent for programs of study, instruction materials or other resources related to the home education program, and
(ii) provide the associate board or associate private school with receipts showing how the funding was spent,


(b) must not use the funding

(i) as a form of personal remuneration, or
(ii) to pay for travel costs or other expenses usually required to be paid by a parent of a student who is enrolled in a school operated by a board or private school.

(5) A parent may decline all or part of any funding offered by an associate board or associate private school under subsection (2).

(6) Any instructional materials, other than materials that cannot be used again, purchased by a parent with funding received under subsection (2), must be returned to the associate board or associate private school within one year following the student’s completion of the course to which the materials relate if the associate board or associate private school requests those materials within that year.

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