Industry Terminology

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Java: Object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that is an accepted standard. It enables users to access applications on computers regardless of make, and to develop/distribute new software faster, and aids in designing graphics on the World Wide Web.


Java Applet: A computer term for a short program written in Java that is attached to a web page and executed by the computer on which the Web browser is installed.


Java Script: A computer term for a cross-platform, World Wide Web scripting language developed by Netscape Communications. JavaScript code is inserted directly into an HTML page.


JIC: Just in Case: stocks held to maintain supplies under JIT (q.v.).


JIT: Just in Time: logistics discipline requiring increased frequency and regularity of deliveries to reduce stocks in the supply chain. Frequently used in manufacturing to cut or even eliminate component stocks. See also MRP.


JIT II: See Just-In-Time II


JITD : Just in Time Delivery: see JIT.


Just-in-Time (JIT): An inventory control system that controls material flow into assembly and manufacturing plants by coordinating demand and supply to the point where desired materials arrive just in time for use. An inventory reduction strategy that feeds production lines with products delivered "just in time" Developed by the auto industry, it refers to shipping goods in smaller, more frequent lots.


Just-in-Time II (JIT II): Vendor-managed operations taking place within a customer's facility. JIT II was popularized by the Bose Corporation. The supplier reps, called "inplants," place orders to their own companies, relieving the customer's buyers from this task. Many also become involved at a deeper level, such as participating in new product development projects, manufacturing planning (concurrent planning), and so on.

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