Industry Terminology

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Kaizen: The Japanese term for improvement; continuing improvement involving everyone: managers and workers. In manufacturing, kaizen relates to finding and eliminating waste in machinery, labour, or production methods. Also see: Continuous Process Improvement


Kaizen Blitz: A rapid improvement of a limited process area, for example, a production cell. Part of the improvement team consists of workers in that area. The objectives are to use innovative thinking to eliminate non- value-added work and to immediately implement the changes within a week or less. Ownership of the improvement by the area work team and the development of the team's problem-solving skills are additional benefits.


Key Performance Indicator (KPI): A measure which is of strategic importance to a company or department. For example, a supply chain flexibility metric is Supplier On-time Delivery Performance which indicates the percentage of orders that are fulfilled on or before the original requested date. Also see: Scorecard


Keyboard: An arrangement of typing and function keys laid out in a specified manner used for entering data.


Kit: The components of a product that have been pulled from stock and prepared for production or shipping.


Kitting: Process by which individual items are grouped or packaged together to create a special, single item.


kph: kilometres per hour


KPI: See Key Performance Indicator

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