Industry Terminology

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NAFTA : North American Free Trade Agreement


Narrow Band: Radio-frequency transmission involving the 450- to 470-MHz band. Use requires an FCC license. See Spread Spectrum.


NC: See Network Computer.


NDC: National Distribution Centre: same as RDC (q.v.), but with distribution on a national rather than regional basis. See also EDC, IDC.


Net Asset Turns: The number of times you replenish your net assets in your annual sales cycle. A measure of how quickly assets are used to generate sales. Calculation: Total Product Revenue / Total Net Assets


Net Assets: Total Net assets are calculated as Total Assets - Total Liabilities; where: The total assets are made up of fixed assets (plant, machinery and equipment) and current assets which is the total of stock, debtors and cash (also includes A/R, inventory, prepaid assets, deferred assets, intangibles and goodwill). The total liabilities are made up in much the same way of long-term liabilities and current liabilities (includes A/P, accrued expenses, deferred liabilities).


Net Change MRP: An approach in which the material requirements plan is continually retained in the computer. Whenever a change is needed in requirements, open order inventory status, or bill of material, a partial explosion and netting is made for only those parts affected by the change. Antonym: Regeneration MRP


Net Requirements: In MRP, the net requirements for a part or an assembly are derived as a result of applying gross requirements and allocations against inventory on hand, scheduled receipts, and safety stock. Net requirements, lot-sized and offset for lead time, become planned orders.


Network Computer (NC): A desktop computer, usually without a hard drive and some other components of a PC, that is linked to a server, which performs all processing. The NC accesses applications and data each time it is turned on, with all program upgrades and other changes taking place at the server. Designed to be less costly and require less maintenance than a typical desktop PC. Also called thin client or ultra-thin client.


NEX/UCS: Network Exchange/UCS. Data communication between office-based computers at the supplier and retailer, primarily involving direct-store delivery. See DEX/UCS.


NOA: Notice of Arrival


NPI: New Product Introduction


NPS: Net Proceeds of Sale


NPSE: Non-Powered Support Equipment. See also PSE.


NPV: Net Present Value: budgeting system that attempts to measure both value and risk.


NRP: Network Resource Planning


NRT: Net Register Tonnage


NRTF: National Road Traffic Forecasts


NTA: National Transportation Agency (USA). Also "National Transportation Act of 1987" (USA).

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