Industry Terminology

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10 Base-T: The most common form of Ethernet; its capacity (i.e., bandwidth) is 10 million bits/sec. (Technically, the term relates to CSMA/CD network access and the IEEE 802.3 physical layer spec for Ethernet over 2 pairs of category 3, 4, or 5 UTP wire.) 100Base-T: The most common form of Fast Ethernet; its capacity is 100 million bits/sec: 10 times faster than the regular 10Base-T.


2-D Bar Codes: Two-dimensional bar codes (e.g. PDF417, MaxiCode) that contain much more information than linear bar codes.


3PL: Third Party Logistics: outsourced logistics. A 3PL provider is a specialized entity that operates and provides logistical services, and as an LLP (q.v.) may also coordinate/integrate the services of others with complementary or supporting capabilities. Also "TPL"


4PL Fourth Party Logistics: supply chain coordination and management by an entity that does not supply (operate) underlying logistical services. "4PL" is a trademark of management consultants, Accenture.

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