Industry Terminology

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QAD : Quality Assured Delivery: logistics company takes responsibility for quality control.


QC : Quality Control: also "QCP" - Quality Control Program.


QFD: Quality Function Deployment: production technique focusing on improving quality and communication, to translate customer needs into effective processes and products (AKA"House of Quality").


QR Code: A 2D Matrix Bar Code Symbology.


Qualitative Forecasting Techniques: In forecasting, an approach that is based on intuitive or judgmental evaluation. It is used generally when data are scarce, not available, or no longer relevant. Common types of qualitative techniques include: personal insight, sales force estimates, panel consensus, market research, visionary forecasting, and the Delphi method. Examples include developing long-range projections and new product introduction.


Quality: Conformance to requirements or fitness for use. Quality can be defined through five principal approaches: (1) Transcendent quality is an ideal, a condition of excellence. (2) Product-based quality is based on a product attribute. (3) User-based qua lity is fitness for use. (4) Manufacturing-based quality is conformance to requirements. (5) Value-based quality is the degree of excellence at an acceptable price. Also, quality has two major components: (a) quality of conformance: quality is defined by the absence of defects, and (b) quality of design: quality is measured by the degree of customer satisfaction with a product's characteristics and features.


Quality Circle: In quality management, a small group of people who normally work as a unit and meet frequently to uncover and solve problems concerning the quality of items produced, process capability, or process control. Also see: Small Group Improvement activity


Quality Function Deployment (QFD): A structured method for translating user requirements into detailed design specifications using a continual stream of "what-how"matrices. QFD links the needs of the customer (end user) with design, development, engineering, manufacturing, and service functions. It helps organizations seek out both spoken and unspoken needs, translate these into actions and designs, and focus various business functions toward achieving this common goal.


Quick Response (QR): A management approach intended to make the manufacturing and supply of products to retail faster and more efficient, resulting in lower inventories, faster turns, and higher in-stock service of retail, particularly in general merchandise. (See ECR, Supply Chain Management.)


Quiet Zone: An area free of any printing or marks that precedes the start character of a bar code and follows the stop character.


Quote Sheets: A Sheet showing merchandise cost, description of merchandise, terms of sale and availability date by import vendors.

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