Industry Terminology

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UCC: Uniform Code Council. The North American organization that administers product UPC and SCM bar codes, plus EDI standards.


UCC/EAN: A version of Code 128 used in Europe and worldwide.


UCC-128 Serial: A shipping container marking standard for cartons carrying a mix of products for general merchandise retailers. See I 2 of 5, which is used for grocery. The UPC shipping container code marks standard cases.


UCS: Uniform Communications Standard, the EDI standard used mostly in grocery.


Universal Serial Bus (USB): A new universal connector that replaces serial and parallel connections for PC peripherals with a standard plug and cable carrying both data and power. The USB significantly increases the number of peripherals that can be attached.


Universe: The overall population or set of data from which samples are drawn.


UPC Universal Product Code, the familiar rectangular barcode system (see also UCC). The UCC assigns the first six digits of the UPC number; the next five digits are assigned by the vendor. Also "Unit Product Code" and "Unique Product Code".


UPN: Universal Product Number.


UPS: Uninterruptible Power Source. An emergency temporary power source that helps


UR Unique Reference


USCS: United States Customs Service


User-Friendly: Refers to computer software or hardware that is intuitive and easy for a person to use with little or no specialized training or references to manuals.

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